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It's hardly a mega long flight.

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Exactly this. Don't book unless you have hotels, annual leave etc. They're losing money hand over fist renting aircraft to operate these routes, they will dump them well before Feb if they can't use the s before then. Yes you will get a refund but not much good if you've paid for other things as well - plus they'll have had your money in their account for a few months paying the bills.

Fab price. It's not really cheaper than any other operator. If you can survive your trip on hand luggage its fine, but otherwise look elsewhere. Yeah la is not 8 hour flight unless smoking Cali bud before flight. Went Vegas afew years ago and easily 10 to 11 hour flight. My flight from Boston to Gatwick got cancelled due to mechanical brake failure Now despite all that, I'll probably fly with them again :D - the flights are usually good, the downsides are 1 flight a day mostly so cancelled flights mean at least 24hours delay probably People should be aware before making the decision to travel, and also use that information to determine where to stay and what to do.

Rio not even in the top 10 most dangerous cities in Brazil. One anecdote does not amount to very much. Great thread. A lot of good advice given as well. Thanks all. Hand luggage only! I guess you'd be seeking out the laundrettes of NYC And New York Stewart airport? It is in the southern Hudson Valley, west of Newburgh, and southwest of Poughkeepsie, approximately 60 miles north of Manhattan". And when they delay your flight for over 16 hours and refuse to pay any compensation, Just isn't worth using that airline.

Just booked a hotel through Agoda for NY arriving new years eve and a few days after. Their prices were around half of most others. Free cancellation too. There may or may not be big changes in this country on the 31st of October and this may or may not lead to some people feeling less inclined to live here and thus only need a one way ticket One way ticket out of here valid after 31st of October Thanks, Pete for the great advice.

I suppose by touristy I too mean places that are overrun with tourists and also where you can't see many locals going about their daily lives and resort type destinations. My bugbear are restaurants where you get given a tourist menu of English type food rather than the local food. It seems to me that Rio isn't that kind of place, from looking at travel videos on YouTube. The locals mingle with tourists on beaches, bars etc.

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If I decide to stay in Rio, I think I would prefer to not be in Copacabana or Ipanema, where the big high-rise hotels are but in quieter neighbourhoods like Botafogo or Leblon that are also regarded as being safe areas. I will try the feijao. I like my beans! I wouldn't worry about Rio being too touristy. Depending how you define that. I define touristy as where tourists appear to outnumber locals eg Venice, Florence and Iguazu in fact although they're still great places.

Rio is very much a Brazilian city, with lots to do and see, many districts and sights, and hopefully you'll meet some locals. If you're just got a week, if it were me, I'd stick to Rio and some trips around it. A week will fly by and you'll likely find other ideas once you're there. There is though a lot of great scenery in and around Rio as well as beaches.

I hope you enjoy feijao I do, a world away from baked beans! Once in Rio was enough for me. I echo what's already been said, there are better places to visit. It's a beautiful place, but it certainly can be a bit intimidating. Great price. The staff were amazing also!!! I was born in Brazil, lived for 32 years there and never visited Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has great weather, food and the nature is amazing, unfortunately the security is a major concern specially in Rio de Janeiro. Yes, its the full monty. Plus the pitch is much much bigger than BA On that note though, it seems Norwegian have just put their prices up.

That said, its still worth paying the extra. Like any airline, what really matters is what happens when things go wrong. Lots of people had nice flights with them and they do have nice new planes but be careful - the budget nature really comes out when things dont go to plan!

But, Norwegian didnt have any customer service open that time of night and they couldnt unload bags at Washington as they dont have staff there. They didnt make any effort to reach out and sort alternative transport until about hours after landing - many people had already paid for their own tickets. It took more than a month to get our bags back, we were flying to Puerto Rico 3 days later to board a cruise so had to spend our time in NY buying everything we needed for a 2 week holiday.

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When we spoke to them, they had no interest or compassion and nobody every knew what was going on. First we found out about our bags was a call from the courier in London saying they had them.

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We got a decent amount of compensation back but were still significantly out of pocket - other airlines who were diverted in the same way had reunited people with their bags only a few days later. So yeah, nice planes and cheap prices, but just beware of what can happen - there's very little difference between a budget carrier and a premium one when things work, but a few quid extra on the ticket price can be seen as an insurance policy.

Loads of stories like this around too. You could fly with them times and never experience an issue or you could have a disaster on your first flight with them. But you can drive to Boston on a couple of gallons of petrol and much quicker too. The nearest airport is Skeggy, thats still a long way out and its only a grass runway. Sorry, my bad Apologies for any confusion. I'm actually Brazilian and lived in minas gerais when I was a child.

My family in Rio state not the city. I have wanted to do a cruise! I don't want to spend a lot of time in buses but if flights aren't too expensive I will fly to the south of Brazil. If you have time I would really recommend visiting the Minas Gerais region nearby ish , if you like colonial architecture.

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All very nice places and a world away from the big cities of Brazil. Can bus from Rio or the nearest airport is Belo Horizonte. If you're going in March this is a good price. No way would I book anything with them for December.. Good price, im voting hot as its a good price but you will not catch me flying Norwegian ever again. So about right True but unfortunately things really are not looking great. You only have to read the recent leaked crew memo to see how desperate they are to save cash.

As you say, book on a credit card and have a backup plan - perhaps a hotel you can cancel foc would be wise if booking this far out.

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Well I suggest you do some research into your shares then Ft laudadale At Christmas.. Norwegian Airlines.. Wet leased by there sister company wamos Terrible experience s of others have also complained Both flights were wamos Never ever ever again.. Be warned. I have shares in Norwegian so I've researched them thoroughly. Firstly they don't wet lease so I don't know where you got that from.

They are well aware of their financial problem and already on route to handling it all, so I wouldn't worry so much. But as the OP says its good practice to take out Insurance regardless of whichever airline you fly. Don't touch Norwegian All there aircraft are wet leased at the moment 25 year old nails.

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  6. I'm by no means an expert - so happy to be proved wrong - but it seems crazy to me that they bought, not leased. Wizz did the latter and it seems to me that if you want to grow fast, owning the aircraft is a massive financial burden. Ouch you are already putting me in reindeer 's bad books by usurping his thread to discuss the expert program :D. I was told it was fresh country caught rat. Oh well, frog tastes like chicken anyway. Are you up for a backpacking trip across Thailand? We've put together a collection of very well-rate Fantastic 2 i 1! What a deal!

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